Nurturing Your Extraordinary Journey

Helping Parents of Multiples to Thrive


I'm Cristina

When I unexpectedly became a first-time mother to twins at the age of 40, my life changed dramatically.

Even with a doctorate in psychology, I was simply unprepared for the challenges that were to come!

My own multiple birth journey inspired me to want to help others feel confident about raising multiple babies. My pregnancy was deemed “high-risk” from the start which put me in a negative mindset from the very beginning.

By the time I was able to take my babies home, my confidence was shattered. I struggled with thoughts of self-doubt and not believing I was a “good enough” mother. It took me a long time to realise that I had undergone a huge life transition with numerous bodily and psychological changes. There was nothing wrong with me but there was a lot that was lacking in the systems around me.

I can honestly say that I’ve been where you are right now – feeling apprehensive and worried about the future, wondering how I’d ever cope – but I’ve come out of it stronger and braver than ever before.

I can help you reclaim your inner strength and discover what your body and mind are truly capable of. I’m passionate about providing people with tools and strategies to remain calm amid chaos – because let’s face it…raising twins or more can be a wild ride of emotions!


Tips for Expectant and Current Parents

If you want a holistic guide to preparing for multiples and some practical tips for dealing with stress, then my free guides are for you.


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